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Jason Williams (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 01:52:08 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. wrote:
> I do not have troubles doing this with Ver. 3.0, but you may have with
> 2.1 if they both have an .ini file of the same name stored in the same
> directory. I don't think the separate hard drive would help in any case
> as the computer must use only one drive as the boot drive and DOS drive
> anyway.

All the ini files are in the windows directory and unfortunately they
haven't until recently used different ini files.
Cornell version 0.84b7 uses cuseeme.ini
Cornell version 0.9X uses cu-seeme.ini
Enhanced CU-SeeMe 2.X uses cuseeme.ini
Enhanced CU-SeeMe 3.X uses cuseeme.ini (and cuseeme.rol for the PhoneBook)

I've often wondered why neither the Cornell nor the White Pine version put
the ini file in the directory where the version was installed...that would
make life too easy :) I mean who could EVER want more than one version of
CU on their computer :)

So the worse thing that happens is shared information between different
versions of CU. I'm glad the new Cornell version uses a different ini
file though :) Makes life simpler for those of us who want to run both

> I wouldn't wait, I'd go ahead and enjoy it and learn as much as possible
> right now! When you get your new computer, get the newer version. It is
> 32 bit and is supposed to be faster, although some out there may take
> exception to this claim.

Faster? well..that remains to be seen. If you increase your computer
power 6 times, you may see CU double in speed. There's a lot more
overhead in the 3.X versions. At this point in time, if you can live with
the minor glitches in 2.1.1/2.1.2, 3.0 doesn't really offer that much more
to the CU-SeeMe experience. I can honestly say I've never had the desire
to add all my friends (who have dynamic IPs to begin with) in as contact
cards to 3.0/3.1. And even if you want standards based conferencing
(which from what I can tell, most CU-SeeMe users don't care for it), you
still have to find a MeetingPoint reflector to connect to.

I still find most people using the White Pine versions strictly because of
its MJPEG support (which works perfectly fine in 2.1.1/2.1.2). Too bad
White Pine won't go back to the 2.X versions and add in private chatting
in the talk window.

But enough rambling... :)

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