recording a chat session...

David N Emerick (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 20:01:53 -0400

My name is David Emerick and I am the gallery director for the Boyden
Gallery at St. Mary's College of Maryland. I am installing a new exhibition
by Alan Stone in our gallery which will include projected CU-SeeMe windows
with people chatting about their dreams (or so Alan hopes). My dilemna is
that the show goes up in a week and Alan has not found a way. I would like
to know if there is some method of recording chat sessions and playing them
back. We have set up a reflector on the school's Unix box and have a good
size (9 gig) hard drive on the CPU that will be projecting the chat.I would
like to be able to play previously recorded sessions at slow times.

Let me elaborate a bit more. We are running a Mac platform system tied to
an ASK 750 data/video projection unit that will project onto the wall. The
artist would like to prerecord some CU-SeeMe video conferencing to play
back. We have four color Quickcams that will be in the computer center in
various divisions at various times. These machines will reflect through the
campus Unix server to a PowerMac 4400 in the gallery which will project
their image on the wall. I am also considerring creating Quicktime movies
that could be scripted to play consecutively, if we need a fall back. We
would also like to be able to open this up to the world as well. We would
like the appearance of a real time chat and also to open up the chat
session to the world.

Any suggestions.....