Kenzaburo Oe (Nobel price for Literature) speach: Reflector list

Jan Engvald LDC (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 18:57:22 +0100

Wednesday 14 Dec at around 10:30 MET (09:30 GMT) the 1994 Nobel Prize
for Literature winner, Kenzaburo Oe, will visit Lund University at the
Academic Community building (AF) in Lund. He will make a speach for
about half an hour and then play music made by his son, Hikari.
The complete performance will probably last an hour.

We intend to broadcast this event using CU-SeeMe. There will hopefully
be a taped retransmission the same day at 19:00 MET (18:00 GMT).

We will provide two different versions, one for those with good
network bandwidth to us (most universities in Scandinavia) and one
for all others. They will occupy 200 kb/s and 56 kb/s, respectively.

The low bandwidth version uses 16 kb/s audio, you need CU-SeeMe
ver 0.70b14 to hear it. If you have a 28800 bps modem you can probably
manage by closing the video window and just listen to the sound.

On some Macintoshes I've noticed that sound stops after a couple of
seconds. One way to fix it was to click on PushToTalk, wait a second,
click on it again. Then do the same for the speaker below the wideo

Here are the reflectors broadcasting this event:

Low bandwidth:
USA: (
Central Europe: (
Scandinavia and others: (

High bandwidth:
Sweden, Kalmar: (
Sweden, Goteborg: (
Rest of Scandinavia: (

For more info on Kenzaburo, see
and about Lund University, see .

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