The Amazing FishCam!

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Sun, 18 Dec 1994 00:13:26 -0800

Several weeks ago we got into a discussion of remote viewing on the net.
Many people sent me personal mail asking me for the URLs of some of the
things I'd mentioned. Here's a full-color camera at Netscape that takes
pictures of their fishtank:

This is a small greyscale camera that presents you with a photo of the
coffee-maker at a research lab in the UK

Mercury Project, a team at Univ. of Southern California, has a
tele-operational robot arm over an excavation site. You can position the
arm, deliver a burst of compressed air to loosen the area, and view the
spot again with a real-time color image.

I hope this satisfies. I'll add these pointers to my web site over the
next few days.

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