EarthWatch '95

Chris Stuart (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 13:46:40 -0500

The Cornell University Center for the Environment is putting together an
internet CU-SeeMe event for Earth Day on April 22, 1995. The idea is to
have outdoor scenes from around the world (it would be nice to have each of
the seven continents represented) showing from our reflector at once.

If you have the capability of showing a nice outdoor scene (or even a
smokestack) and would be willing to have your site sending video to us for
24 hours (or longer so we can jive time-zones) on that date, please get in
touch with me, Chris Stuart, at Our reflector will be
"view only" for that day except for the seven or eight sites, but we think
it will be a nice reminder of how we're all connected ecologically as well
as technologically. So, we'll need one camera from North America, South
America, Europe, Asia, Antartica, Australia, and Africa.

Ideally, it would be an interesting outdoor scene. Some motion would be
nice, either running water, heavy traffic, other earth day events, etc. We
plan to issue Press Releases about the event, so we hope it will get a lot
of news coverage.

Also, if you run a reflector, and would be willing to attach to us, we can
create a string of reflectors so that more people can connect to watch the
Earth on that date. Again, get in touch with me at

I'll also be setting up a page on our web site at so that people who aren't familiar with CU-SeeMe
now (a lot of people in the environmental community) can use it for the
first time.) Thanks very much.

Chris Stuart,, Information Systems Manager
Center for the Environment, 200 Rice Hall, (607) 255-3972
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
Manager: environment-L listserv