Al Gore uses CU-SeeMe

David H. Brown (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 17:00:57 -0500

On Thursday morning (3/16/95), U.S. Vice President Al Gore used CU-SeeMe
to talk with a teacher and a few of her students from the Long Branch
Middle School in Virginia. The short video conference was part of larger
presentation to the Vice President on the GLOBE Program
(, an international environmental monitoring and
education program for K-12 students that was first proposed in his book,
Earth in the Balance. Others in attendence included Daniel Goldin
(Administrator of NASA), James Baker (Administrator of NOAA), and Neal
Long (Director of NSF).

All aspects of the demo ran flawlessly (how often does that happen?), and
the CU-SeeMe portion really helped underscore the power and potential of
the internet in the K-12 community. My thanks, respect and
congratulations to the CU-SeeMe team for developing and supporting a
top-notch product.

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