help needed for event

Wayne Barker (st27a@Jetson.UH.EDU)
Mon, 06 Mar 1995 21:54:31 -0600

Hi All... some of you may have seen me or a few others recently about 5-7pm
CST tuesdays, acting goofy from the U of Houston. Well, this isn't ALL fun
and games. We like Fi! Also, we're artists, and want to use this medium for
what it can be used for. An example was the recent sir-cus (which we could
not participate in because the grad student with the keys to the lab was
sick.) There are a couple of events comeing up that we would like very much
to netcast - one is the student show at the U of H, coming up in about a
month and a half. Another is a multi-media cyberevent called "buzzfest", a
benefit for the commerce street art wharehouse. This two day event
(31mar-1ap) promises to be a multimedia extravaganza, but to my chagrin
none at the planning meeting (other than myself) had an email address! To
bad, as it is to be a video/digital imaging/animation/electronic music/way
cool event. In line with what is promised, I would LOVE to netcast it. Now,
I bet I can get a 8100av and a camera and a 28.8k modem, BUT... I'm NOT so
sure that I can get UH to volunteer a reflector. Moslty because I don't
know how to set one up. So if there's anyone that has one free at these
times please let me know. BOTH events are for nonprofit organizations, and
I hope to set up FTP and gopher sites/activites also. With any luck we'll
have something fun here. Wish us luck, and watch for more info!

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