Dan Zellner (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 12:58:19 -0500

Studio Z, a nonprofit play development organization, is proud to announce a
unique collaboration with Steve Schrum of
the Penn State University Hazleton Campus. The result of this joint effort
is the April 19th CU-SEEME broadcast of
the Studio's latest video "The Monologue Show".

The Monologue Show aired last December on local Chicago cable television and
features Chicago actors performing monologues
by playwrights from Australia, Canada, and the United States. The show will
now be able to be viewed worldwide through
the use of the Internet.

Steve Scrum, a lecturer at Penn State Hazleton's Theatre Department, will
broadcast the show at various intervals throughout the
day in order to accomodate audiences from around the world. Mr. Schrum
manages COLLAB-L, a listserv that encourages
collaboration between artists worldwide.

This project continues Studio Z's mission to develop new works for the
theatre through the use of the Internet and promote
new levels of cultural exchange.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VIEWING. Please contact me and let me know the best
broadcast time for you. We are
still setting the showing times! I'll also give you all the necessary
viewing information.


Dan Zellner
Artistic Producer
Studio Z