Re: New Reflector Open at ASU Geology Department

Craig Gjerdingen (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 06:16:36 -0500

Hey I have version W0.34.b4 of CU See Me and I don't have any "talk" "type"
box do I need to update? PLease help I'm new to this.

>Arizona State University's Department of Geology is opening out Reflector
>to the public!!!
>Our "Open House" is on Monday May 1st and will run through Wednesday May
>3rd. We hope that you will logon and show our Faculty, staff and students
>what CU-SeeMe is all about.
>The reflector was originally set-up for the Mars Global Surveyor's
>Educational Outreach Program here at ASU. We intended to have our
>Educator's Conferences online for those that are unable to attend at the
>University. This is still going to happen and invite all to attend.
>Periodically the reflector will be closed for private conferences.
>The most important thing: ASU GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT
>Please be curtious and do not connect over 80 kb/s and please use the
>"TALK" window instead of typing and scrolling in your video screen. If you
>have any questions please contact me at the e-mail address below.
>I hope to CU out there next week!!!
>Douglas A. Howard
>Research Associate
>Mars Global Surveyor Space Flight Facility
>TES Project
>Arizona State University
>Department of Geology