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Sun, 30 Apr 1995 20:22:16 -0500

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A CU-SeeMe, Internet-Based Performance
of the Human Body --QQ> Technogy


*********** A 24-HOUR PERFORMANCE: ***********
STARTING: Wednesday, May 17, 1995 @12:00 am (CST)
ENDING: Wednesday, May 17, 1995 @11:59 pm (CST)

on the EDEN MATRIX Reflector:
available using CU-SEEME Internet teleconferencing software.

for more information about this performance, try the
performance Homepage:

other queries, send email to:
or call: 608.257.2326

for information about CU-SeeMe, free video/audio Internet
teleconferencing software, explore the CU-SeeMe Homepage at:

to download CU-SeeMe software, ftp to:

The VIRTUAL HUMAN BODY is a 24-hour live Performance Art event created
and performed exclusively on the Internet. It involves the broadcast of
digital video/audio data over the Internet and can be experienced anywhere
on the planet that supports an Internet connection and can run CU-SeeMe
teleconferencing software.

************ FOR A 24-HOUR DURATION: *****************************
>>>I will broadcast images of by interactions with technologies
>>>I will welcome and accept comment, critique, and discussion via
email or CU-SeeMe
>>>I will explore, in part, my relationship with technology - past,
present, future and ponder the role techology might play
in a society dedicated to technological advancement and innovation
This performance will be broadcast on the EDEN MATRIX multiconferencing
reflector site. You can reach the EDEN MATRIX Homepage @