A report on Live FM Simulcast with CU-SeeMe

daniel fortune (dfortune@best.com)
Wed, 31 May 1995 13:15:15 -0600

This past Sunday we performed an experimental simulcast with CU-SeeMe and
KSJS 90.5 FM radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. The format was an hour
long interview of Daniel Fortune on multimedia, technology and CU-SeeMe.

We broadcast the live interview via FM transmitter, and we transmitted the
image via the internet. Listeners to the show could call in and ask
questions, or they could dial up CU-SeeMe on the Cornell reflector and ask
questions via talk window while listening to the broadcast on 90.5 FM.

It was an interesting experience to interact with the people on CU-SeeMe
while being interviewed live. People on CU-SeeMe who were listening to the
broadcast could ask questions via talk window, or they called into the

The goal of the experiment was to aquaint people with digital video
transmission via the internet with CU-SeeMe, which as you all know is in
its infancy. I guess we take for granted the fact that since we know how
the technology works, everyone else should as well.

However, it is new technology, and as such we should not make the
assumptions that people are as far up the learning curve as we are. We are
the pioneers.

My conclusion is that many people are interested in the technology, as it
truly is an exciting way to communicate with other people, but they have to
learn about the techology first.

Imagine if mainstream public and commercial radio provided a simple way for
the listeners to "watch" and participate with simple technology such as
CU-SeeMe. I believe that as digital video transmission becomes an accepted
norm, we will experience a slow but steady cultural revamping of how we
view traditional media sources.

For more information, go to http://www.fortune.org/simulcast.html for a
review of the show, or visit my CU-SeeMe information page at

For a transcript of the interview, email me at dfortune@best.com.

Check out my home page at http://www.fortune.org/

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