About the CU-SeeMe Reflector Listserver

The purpose of the CU-SeeMe Reflector mailing list is to coordinate public broadcasts and events over Internet which use the CU-SeeMe packet video software under development by the Cornell CU-SeeMe project and its colloborators. The goal of this list is to coordinate activities of reflector operators for the broadcast of public events and to provide a forum for information exchange and assistance between reflector operators. The information exchanged on this mailing list is not important for the average CU-SeeMe user. It is not for the discussion of events; Events are discussed on the Events mailing list. It is not for the discussion of hardware or software problems; Problems and technical questions should be sent to the Development Listserver.

Mail to the list is sent to:


will be redistributed to all list members. Please be sure to send to this address ONLY when you want your message redistributed. If you wish to communicate privately with an individual, use their E-Mail address, not the list address.

General info requests can be sent to: CUSM@www.indstate.edu

Also, as this list can have quite a bit of traffic, consider unsubbing (see below) and subscribing instead to CUSM-REFLECTOR-DIGEST which will send you one message per day. This one message will contain ALL the listserver messages for the day. Thus, you will have one message each day instead of several. Everything that goes to CUSM-REFLECTOR will go to CUSM-REFLECTOR-DIGEST; don't subscribe to both! To change to the digest list, send the following message body:

unsubscribe CUSM-REFLECTOR
subscribe CUSM-REFLECTOR-DIGEST <first-name> <last-name>

to: LIST-ADMIN@www.indstate.edu
(from the SAME address you used to subscribe to CUSM-REFLECTOR.)


This is an automated list; you may perform various list operations by typing commands into an e-mail message and sending that message to


DO NOT send subscribe and unsubscribe commands to CUSM-REFLECTOR@www.indstate.edu or CUSM-REFLECTOR-DIGEST@www.indstate.edu because they will be distributed as E-Mail messages and will not subscribe or unsubscribe you to the listserver.

Please note the difference between the address for list commands and the address for message redistribution. Again:

To send commands (subscribe or unsubscribe) about the list, send to: LIST-ADMIN@www.indstate.edu

To post messages on the list, send to: CUSM-REFLECTOR@www.indstate.edu.

To leave the list at any time, send the command

to list-admin@www.indstate.edu. (DON'T send it to the list itself!)

If you have any questions about CU-SeeMe Reflector mailing list, contact Tim Mulkey, the list owner, at mulkey@mama.indstate.edu

updated December 5, 1994