Kenzaburo Oe (Nobel Prize for Literature) speach

Jan Engvald LDC (
Sat, 10 Dec 1994 00:22:47 +0100

Wednesday 14 Dec at around 10:15 MET (09:15 GMT) the 1994 Nobel Prize
for Literature winner, Kenzaburo Oe, will visit Lund University at the
Academic Community building (AF) in Lund. He will make a speach for
about half an hour and then play music made by his son, Hikari.
The complete performance will probably last an hour.

We intend to broadcast this event using CU-SeeMe.

If you are a reflector manager and want to link your reflector to
ours, please mail me on Monday and tell me your reflector IP nr.
I will then put in an ADMIT-BCC-CLIENT link to it and mail back
the IP nr for your OBTAIN-BCC link.

On Tuesday I will send out the list of reflectors that will broadcast
this event, so all of you others can choose the nearest one to visit.

And then on Wednesday the event takes place. The time is unfortunately not
so good for American people, but I hope to see a lot of European and Asean

For more info on Kenzaburo, see
and about Lund University, see .

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