Re: Cornell Closed to Lurkers?

Borre Ludvigsen (
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 04:37:28 -0500

Have a look at the list "List of CU-SeeMe reflectors world wide" at
( does not have the
in-line images of the CU-sm broadcast of the Nobel Peace Prize). I try to
keep it updated with reflectors that actually are alive. I will post them
seperately in a minute.

- Barre

On Mon, 2 Jan 1995, Eric Moore wrote:

> Why have they set max lurkers to 0? Theirs seems to be the only reflector
> active most of the time. I am trying to keep up with cuseeme until the
> cornell team gets a windows version that supports more digitizer cards and
> sound done, but all I can see is the birds and the nasa feed. I know there
> is a reflector list (got it), but can someone post a list of reflectors that
> people actually use sometimes?
> ----------
> Eric Moore