nv<->reflector<->CU-seeme I have questions

Kuniaki Mizuno (amizuno@jessica.stanford.edu)
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 16:05:14 -0800

Hello everyone!!
Now I am installing following environment.

nv without camera <--> reflector 3.0b3
on sunos4 <--->
CU-seeme for mac 0.80b2 with camera
CU-seeme for mac 0.80b2 without camera

<---> CU-seeme for PC 0.65a1 without camera

Basically they can work. But .....
On mac( not depent on camera), in the nv windows, I find huge number of
lost packets.
On PC, recieving rate of ne windows is very slow, comparing with mac.

Does anybody have same environment with me? How about yours??

Kuniaki Mizuno