reflector_3.0b3 still has problems/part 2

Mike Richards (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 16:44:07 -0500

After some debugging on the Solaris 2.3 reflector, I've
noticed that it never recognizes any "vat_cntl_sock" packets.
It does see vat_in_mcast_sock. The SGI using the sane reflect.conf
and on the same lan does see the "vat_cntl_sock" packets.

Why this occurs I do not know and do not have the time
to further invertigate!

----- Begin Included Message -----
I've pulled down reflector 3.0b3 and built it in 3 environments:

Solaris 2.3

"Makefile" must be altered to include:
# Solaris 2.x
LIBC= -lucb -lsocket -lnsl
"util.c" must be modified:
-->line 32
#ifndef _BSD
#include <sys/sockio.h>
-->line 47
#ifdef BSD43
#define socksize(x) ((struct sockaddr *)x)->sa_len
#define socksize(x) sizeof *(x)

/usr/include/sys/param.h must be altered to include:

reflect "makes" but still core dumps on seeing 1st nv/cuseeme MC session

SunOS 4.1.3u1b-multicast 3.3

reflect "makes" but doesn't see vat or nv MC sessions

SGI Irix 5.2

reflect "makes" and works with vat and nv mc sessions on other servers
but doesn't recognize a cuseeme/nv session created on the same server

LOG-LIMIT in reflect.conf doesn't work