Re: reflector use

Mike McCool (
Fri, 3 Mar 1995 10:15:36 GMT

> How does one request the use of a reflector for a conference ?

*****Tried to email this to <cblohm@VFS.Multimedia> but it bounced.*****

Step 1.
Identify the reflector you would like to use.
Step 2.
Most reflectors supply a Contact name in their MOTD window (thats the
window you get when you first call into a reflector)
Step 3
Check your bank balance and be prepared to offer money or other worldy
things as payment for favours rendered by the contact person (hehehehehe
just a joke!)
Step 4
Email the contact and just ask....most of us would be glad to oblige I'm
sure....Ireland maybe a bit far for decent conferencing but if it is all
you can get then you are more than welcome to use it..... just let me know
in advance.


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