general guidance: how much load from reflector?

Paul Holbrook (holbrook@CIC.Net)
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 14:57:38 -0500 (EST)

We're working on a project that might involve a small number of CU-SeeMe
machines (say 15-20) at 6 different universities around our region (we
serve the Big 10 schools in the upper midwest.)

These sites would be used for 2-3 person conferences, so we're not
talking about large numbers of people. It's possible there may be
several going on a time, but the load is likely to be quite variable.

We'd like to run a reflector for this project, and we're trying to
understand what kind of machine resources we'd need to use it.

I'd appreciate any feedback on:

* what kind of machine resources it takes to run the reflector
* what kind of loads can the reflector put on a machine at peak times
* do you run other services on the same machine, and if so, what kind

I realize these are pretty broad questions, and the performance will vary
enormously. At this point, I'm looking for general advice, something
like "Never run (News|DNS) on a refector machine" or "this runs fine on a
SS2, but is too much for an Sun IPC".


J. Paul Holbrook
CICNet Network Services Manager (313) 998-7680