Re: Reflectors and NetPhone?

Andrew Green (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 14:24:41 -0700

>I was wondering if a CU-SeeMe reflector could be used with NetPhone to
>transmit audio? This works with Maven, correct? Will it work with
>NetPhone and if so, can any audio-encoding be used, or only the ones
>supported by Maven?

The CU-SeeMe reflector will reflect vat streams -- but not NetPhone-native

NetPhone supports all the vat-standard formats supported by Maven (ie not
the Maven-only delta-mod encoding) PLUS it supports GSM audio, which runs
at 13200 bps for the audio data, and about 20% more for header overhead.
The current version of NetPhone (1.1.1) really needs a fast 040 Mac or
PowerMac to use GSM smoothly, but the upcoming 1.2 has an optimized GSM
codec which works on 030 machines.


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