Non-lurking newbie.

Andrew Brennan, Lackey-at-large (BRENNAN@HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU)
Sun, 30 Apr 1995 21:13:48 -0500 (EST)

Ok, so I'm doing one of those things you're not supposed to do and have
sub'd to a list only to *immediately* start asking questions ...

I read through the "welcome" note and saw no mention of archives? Are
there any?? If not, would anyone mind it if I started keeping them at
our site?? (dual purpose - I get to play with WAIS some more & I get
a place to lookup the answers to questions before asking :^)

Secondly, (the real question) I pulled down NV for both Linux (where I
am feebly running a reflector) and OSF/1 (where I *should* be running
the reflector once I get past the simple bit of debugging/porting for
the differences of an Alpha). OSF/1 NV runs fine, but I don't receive
anything with "./nv-jv2 -encoding cuseeme linux 7650 0" and I am not
sure where I went wrong ...

Linux NV craps out with a segfault and I'm not going to start fiddling
with that source tonight (did I forget dinner again? :^)

Any pointers/tips??

andrew. (