nv on irix 5.3

Frankie Chea (Frankie@cheat1.orl.mmc.com)
Fri, 16 Jun 95 09:39:44 EDT

Has anyone experienced this problem:

Running nv 3.3beta on irix 5.3 to reflector 3.0b3 unicast

nv settings: Port 4444 Chan 32 TTL 16 Max BW 80

nv seems to be running fine in x-windows but while monitoring the
reflector on a Mac, the nv transmission toggles from connected to
disconnected continuously. Transmission seems to be around 7 fps.
Any ideas anyone? TIA

Name: Frankie Chea
E-mail: Frankie@cheat1.orl.mmc.com (Frankie Chea)
Phone: 407.826.1546 FAX: 407.826.1530
Date: 06/16/95 Time: 09:39:44

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