CU-SeeMe-cast from Beijing

Joseph M Izen (
Sat, 5 Aug 1995 02:24:03 +0800

Hello Everyone,
Two weeks or so ago, CU-SeeMe came to Beijing, and now it's time to
think big time. Next week, the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in
Beijing will be hosting Lepton Photon conference, this year's most
important international conference on Elementary Particle Physics. Nobel
prize winners will be here, as well as ~800 high energy physicists. IHEP
and my home university, the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) are
planning to provide CU-SeeMe coverage of the conference, and would
appreciate it if you would consider lending your reflector to our network.
There will be netcast will begin at noon Eastern Daylight time on the east
coast of the US on August 10-15 and last from ~4 to 6 hours. Please
contact Billy Barron ( who will be coordinating
reflectors in the west and CC: me ( here in Beijing if you
would like to particpate on some or all of the days. We would very much
like to have at least one reflector in each continent. The highest
concentration of physicists working in this field are in North America,
Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Chinese physicists of course will be at the
conference! As things come together, I'll set up WWW pages with more
information about where to tune and post again to this list.

The internet connection available from IHEP was the first link to/from
China, though there now are several. The link is only 64 kbs, so we have
to be careful about bandwith. So far, researchers at IHEP and back in the
states have been using this international link to discuss analyses in
progress for the conference, and last night I got to see my family back
home. We will be transmitting (tape delayed) from Midnight in Beijing in
order to avoid Chinese daytime net traffic, and so that our audience in
other continents will be awake. The current plan is to use DVI encoding in
100 ms bursts, as this is the lowest bandwidth encoding that is compatible
with both CU-SeeMe and VAT. Thanks to the peculiar Mac powered-mike
connector, we may end up sending video from a Mac and sound from a UNIX box
running vat.

This is the first time IHEP and UTD are attempting to set up a CU-SeeMe
reflector network, and any tips or advice from those of you who have done
this before would greatly be appreciated. Also, if you happen to be a high
energy physics, I would appreciate hearing from you. I know physicists at
all the major high energy physics labs around the world, but I do not know
of any CU-SeeMe users at those labs.

I also have some more technical questions.

When a Vat session transmits to a CU-SeeMe reflector, is it possible to set
either VAT or the reflector so that the reflect doesn't echo the packets
back to the transmitting VAT machine? Does disabling the audio receive
button in CU-SeeMe prevent the reflector from transmitting to the Mac, or
does the Mac just ignore the packets when they arrive? This is important
since we have a 64 kbs bottleneck.

Is it possible to make the CU-SeeMe slide window interoperate with the
MBone white board utility?

I have been unable to transmit the high resolution pictures captured in my
CU-SeeMe slide window. I am puzzled cause this works well on my Mac back
home. Any suggestions? I can grab images OK but the send button is greyed
out. I am running on a 6100AV, 16 MB with Sys 7.5.1 and CU-SeeMe 0.80b2.
I've upped CU-SeeMe's memory to 5 MB. I can alternate between a camcorder
using the Mac's built in digitizer, and a QuickCam.

Is the PC version in
now sound capable? I frequently get asked about the PC side of thinks but
alas, I am just Mac and UNIX literate. If it is not, where can one find
the release that is sound-capable?

Thanks very much for your help in making this netcast a success for
CU-SeeMe, the high energy physics community, and international cooperation!

Joe Izen
Associate Prof. of Physics
Univ. of Texas at Dallas