National Parks

BY: Janet Bragg, Lebanon, IN

Site address: http://www.nps.gov/

Grade Level(s): grades 4 -12


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Indiana Social Studies Proficiency Guidelines addressed:


Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to enrich the study of United States geography and to acquaint students with a part of their heritage as citizens of the U. S. This lesson will serve to familiarize students with the parks and their regional locations. It will additionally promote a respect for our national parks and a realization that these parks need to be preserved and protected.

Grade Level(s): 5th (can be adapted to curriculum for other grade levels)

Geography Standards Addressed:

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Site address: http://www.isu.edu/~trinmich/allabout.html


"theme": The Oregon Trail


grade level(s): grades 5-12



An excellent resource to assist in the understanding of the Oregon Trailís significance in Americaís westward expansion, "All About the Oregon Trail" contains the following menu selections:


Introduction to the Oregon Trail - This section briefly discusses the origins and significance of the trail.


Discoverers and Explorers - The roles of such notables as Lewis and Clark; The Astorians; Pike and Long; the Mountain Men; the fur trading companies; and Fremont` are highlighted in this selection.


The Route West - This choice describes how the first emigrants to Oregon arrived by ship. A map depicting the trail and numbering historically prominent landmarks along its route is also located at this site. These numbered points can be selected for a view of the site accompanied by a description of its history. St. Louis, Independence Rock and Fort Bridger are among the 22 sites available for viewing.


Other menu selections cover the topics of camping along the trail; hardships encountered by the emigrants along the trail; and the role buffalos and Native Americans played in the emigrantsí life along the trail.


Under "Fantastic Facts About the Oregon Trail," an assortment of amusing and fascinating stories can be printed and shared. One such story is about a honeymoon spent sharing a covered wagon with others.


A free study guide utilizing the documentary "The Oregon Trail," created by Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher and aired on PBS, suggests many activities and discussion topics. This study guide can be downloaded and printed for classroom use. This guide can be obtained by selecting the Oregon Trail Bookstore (& Video Store) choice. Ordering information for the video and supplmentary materials can be obtained at this selection.



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BY: Janet Bragg