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How to apply for admission

  1. Fill out the application form completely. Use your name as it appears in your passport. Please be consistent and use the same name in all correspondence with us.  If you do not have a U.S. social security number, leave this item blank and we will assign you a University identification number.  Write your address as you would on an envelope to be mailed to yourself. Include your street and number, or post office box, city/US IP code, province/state/zone, postal code and country.
  2. A check or international money order [U.S. $35 for graduate or $25 for undergraduate] exactly must accompany the confirmation form. Applications/documents will not be processed prior to receipt of the fee.
  3. Official academic records must bear the original seal or stamp of the issuing school or examination committee. Photocopies without the appropriate stamp or seal are not acceptable. If the language of record is not English, a certified, literal translation must accompany the official academic record in the language of record. Embassies and consulates of the United States are prepared to assist in the process of certifying translations.
    Copies certified by a notary public are not accepted. Transcripts from the U.S. and Canada must arrive in a sealed envelope mailed directly from the institution. 
    It is very important to submit academic records from each institution you attended, regardless of the duration of study or whether you graduated.

  4. Financial support sufficient to cover a student's educational expenses for the duration of the intended enrollment must be demonstrated before admission is granted and the I-20 eligibility document is issued. While academic credentials are foremost in the consideration of any applicant's entrance, it is the responsibility of the prospective student to prove financial capability as well. All applicants should supply an Affidavit of Financial Support. Government sponsored applicants must provide an official or certified copy of the award, specifying validity for Indiana State University, listing the expenses and fees covered by the award, beginning and ending dates of study covered, the level/field of study, and the length of the award. The address for billing must also be included. Those applicants who are academically eligible yet fail to prove adequate financial documentation will receive a letter explaining that admission is delayed until the University can be assured of the student's financial support. Some applicants may be requested to deposit funds in an account with the Indiana State University Controller's Office prior to admission.
  5. An official report of TOEFL score must be received by the International Affairs Center. All graduate students must submit a score 550. Applicants from English-speaking nations whose first language is not English are also required to submit the appropriate TOEFL score.
  6. All international students at Indiana State University must purchase health insurance. In the United States, the cost of health care is extremely high. There is no national health care program. The University's Student Health Center provides daytime out-patient care, but severe illnesses and injuries must be treated by an off-campus facility and medical personnel, with these costs being the responsibility of the student. Therefore, international students are hereby advised, in accordance with their obligation to prove financial responsibility, that they must purchase health insurance. The University has a group policy with a private company which provides basic medical care for a student and dependents. Students may also continue a family policy from their home country provided that it has international coverage. Everyone must enroll at or before registration. Details regarding this coverage are available in the International Affairs Center or at the Student Health Center.

It is extremely important that all application materials be sent directly to the International Affairs Center. If items do not reach this office, the application cannot be processed and the student will not be admitted. Upon receipt of a completed international application, the IAC establishes a file and makes a preliminary review of all documents. A letter is sent to all those with incomplete files listing each item which is still missing from the file. It is vital for applicants to use the same name in all correspondence, write it clearly, and underline the family name under which all items are filed.

A complete application file contains the following:
1. The completed application
2. Application fee ($35 for graduate, $25 for undergraduate)
3. Evidence of financial support (including health insurance)
4. An official TOEFL report
5. Letters of recommendation (3 for masters applications and 5 or doctoral applications)
6. Handwritten statement of intent
7. Official GRE scores (if required by the program to which applied)
8. Official GMAT scores (If applying to the MBA program)


B.S.C. is not equal to the American B.S. four-year degree.
Engineering is not available at Indiana State University.
Intensive language training is available through the Interlink Language Center if TOEFL score is lower than 500 or 550 in selected programs.

All materials supporting the application should be sent to:
International Affairs Center
Erickson Hall, room 611
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809
United States of America

Be sure to include TOEFL score information, Immigration Status, and Permanent Resident/Alien Resident information in the comment block of the online application form. You will find it helpful to print this form for future reference. Please click on the continue button below to complete the online application. Thank you for your interest in Indiana State University and good luck in your educational endeavors.

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