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This page doesn't provide pointers to everything that's recently changed; that would be a project unto itself - I update these web pages all the time. (Many of the changes, both corrections and additions, are wrought by the feedback of visitors.) Here are some significant changes about which I want you to know.

Sunday 14 July 1996

Now that there are several variants of CU-SeeMe I've created a system that takes a master list of public CU-SeeMe reflector sites and generates version-specific proper format lists.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about Deafness or ASL (American Sign Language) you'll get a kick out of the ASL interpretation of a cowboy poem. If you don't appreciate this then your heart is closed and your soul is impoverished.

A friend of mine from Boston days, Dave Weinstein, forwarded several travelogues: one to London and another to the Southwest USA.

I've updated the archive of "The View From Here", the articles I've written for my ISP's monthly newsletter.

I've cleaned up and reorganized my Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund (ZLDF) pages.

Sirius Communications' own Don Hurter takes us on a tour of cable-wiring horror stories.

Wednesday 25 October 1995

My first book, Internet TV with CU-SeeMe, is being printed now and will be available in bookstores by Christmas 1995. The publisher is Sams/Macmillian; its ISBN is 1-57521-006-1. It's a great stocking-stuffer for the techno-geek in your life (of course I mean you). Please ask your local bookstore to stock it.

I created an on-line trip report while on the islands of Eivissa and Gran Canaria. My connection to the Internet was tenuous, slow, and costly. In spite of that it was updated in fits and starts.

There are some very important causes that require attention. This new page presents a very few important topics worthy of your consideration.

The first rule of writing web pages is "you can't be a control freak." I have no idea what browser you're using, nor do I know the size of your screen(s), nor even the font sizes and colors you've set. But these web pages are written with certain assumptions about the capability of the web browser you've chosen to use (or have had foist upon you). I've added an explanation page about this issue; is your browser up to snuff?

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