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Updated: Saturday 1 July 1995

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About Digital Jungle Consulting Services

Headquartered in beautiful San Francisco, Digital Jungle Consulting Services has been providing for-hire technical expertise on computer-related issues since 1981.

We're a full-service contracting shop: if you want it done on modern hardware and networks, on time and under budget, we'll be glad to do it. No COBOL. Evaluation; purchase; installation; configuration; trouble-shooting; training; technical and end-user documentation (including typesetting and document design); programming; quality assurance; UNIX and Macintosh system and network administration; web pages; Internet connectivity and end-user classes; and for CU-SeeMe events: reflector chaining.

World travel is no problem. Nor are tight deadlines, ambitious goals, bizarre hours, lack of documentation, unusual cuisine, or very colorful money. We're able to survive in Spanish, French, and Japanese, we're pseudo-conversational in Spanish and American Sign Language, and we're fluent in German and English. (List based on current staff and is subject to change. Especially on ski weekends.)

You may see my areas of competence by perusing these web pages; my résumé shows some of my clients and accomplishments. Other staff members' résumé appear here from time to time.

At what rate of remuneration?

Digital Jungle accepts remote and on-site contracts. We require payment is US dollars or ECash, as negotiated. We usually work on a per-hour basis (as opposed to a per-job basis), and we have a multiplier for travel, rush jobs, and the like.

To hire us, or to talk about hiring us, please send e-mail to

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