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Welcome to Digital Jungle
Updated: Monday 19 February 1996


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Digital Jungle is my business persona; my name is Michael Sattler. Welcome.

Digital Jungle has been around in one form of another since 1979, although it's gone through a succession of missions and two coasts. (It was born in Boston; we're now based in San Francisco.) "We" are a loose collection of computer consultants scattered around the globe who are dedicated to bringing experimental new communication and computing technologies to you through evaluation, implementation, documentation, and personal use.

The name "Digital Jungle" came out of a course I created for a local community learning center. "The Internet is a Digital Jungle" was taught for about eighteen months. My teaching fee was a plate of deep-fried calamari, delivered hot and steaming while I was teaching.

This is but an introductory page; Digital Jungle has its own pages.

Michael Sattler

Welcome As usual, I'm sitting here at the window of the People's Cafe, in the heart of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. It's a foggy, overcast day. The pouring rain is making small rivers along the curb and bringing out the deep green of the leaves of the trees that line Haight Street. Hot cider is at my side, steaming, cinnamon sticks floating. It's a good place to be contemplating the life of these web pages. When most pages are abandoned after a few weeks or months, three years seems an eternity. But a pleasant eternity. There's still much to be done, and I'll be doing it. You're invited to take the trip along with me.

Digital Jungle is my baby, but not my raison de etre. Just as life is more than computers, these web pages contain more than computers (though our silicon friends are well-represented here). I try to bring my social life and my computing life together, and these pages are the glue. But it's not a one-way road: I'm happy to hear from you. If you see mistakes or ommissions, please let me know about it. Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, said "I want you to know that I create nice things like this because it pleases the Author of my story." Well, that's why I write these web pages. I hope they please you as well.


I have a lot of web pages, over forty megabytes worth. Someday I'll include a local search engine, but for the moment you'll have to make do with the following pointers into my pages.

me Introduction: Welcome. Setting the scene. Legal hand-waving. How to talk back. A note to modem users. What you'll find here. :-) Humor: Snorts. Guffaws. Giggles. Smiles. Chuckles. Belly-laughs. Geek and non-geek funnies from the net.
New! Hot off the Presses: Late-breaking news. Changes since you last visited. Things you'll hate yourself for missing. Welcome back. CU-SeeMe logo CU-SeeMe: Cornell University's videoconferencing software. My book. The definitive web resources: introduction, lists of CU-SeeMe reflectors, Frequently Asked Questions, User's Guide.
PGP logo Pretty Good Privacy: Confidence in email. Sending information securely. Cypherpunks. Authentication. The black hats. Macintosh logo Macintosh: Notes of a power user. Web software. Known bugs and technical problems. Making interlaced transparent graphical building blocks. Audiovisual software.
ECash Digital Cash: It's back! Visit the Digital Jungle EShop to spend your ECash. Microprocessor Science & Technology: Medical resources. Mental health. National Weather Server. The world of ham radio.
The Earth Travel: San Francisco, my home. My trip to Eivissa and Gran Canaria. Other places. A wilderness medical kit. me Me: What I do for fun and profit. My consulting company, Digital Jungle. Emergency services, search and rescue and Earthquake response. My adventures in Boston.
ZLDF ZLDF: Phil is phree! The US government ends its three-year persecution of Philip Zimmermann. We celebrate at a San Francisco sushiya. Dali's POV Art & Culture: The 1994 Burning Man Extravaganza. My bookshelf. Deaf culture. Netiquette, the glue that binds us our digital tribe.
Blue ribbon Cyber-Rights Now!: President Clinton's assault on the First Amendment is a grave threat. Become informed. Look for the blue ribbon or the fist clutching lightening-bolts. Awards Awards: These pages have received a wee bit of recognition. Like pennies from heaven, kudos are both unexpected and appreciated.

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