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Updated: Sunday 22 January 1996

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Welcome to my web pages

Black pages? Blue ribbons? Free speech?

In response to President Bill Clinton signing the Communications Reform Act, which censors free speech on the Internet, we've adopted the blue ribbon as a symbol of protest. Become informed.

me Introduction: Welcome. Setting the scene. Legal hand-waving. How to talk back. A note to modem users. What you'll find here. :-) Humor: Snorts. Guffaws. Giggles. Smiles. Chuckles. Belly-laughs. Geek and non-geek funnies from the net.
New! Hot off the Presses: Late-breaking news. Changes since you last visited. Things you'll hate yourself for missing. Welcome back. CU-SeeMe logo CU-SeeMe: Cornell University's videoconferencing software. My book. The definitive web resources: introduction, lists of CU-SeeMe reflectors, Frequently Asked Questions, User's Guide.
PGP logo Pretty Good Privacy: Confidence in email. Sending information securely. Cypherpunks. Authentication. The black hats. Macintosh logo Macintosh: Notes of a power user. Web software. Known bugs and technical problems. Making interlaced transparent graphical building blocks. Audiovisual software.
ECash Digital Cash: It's back! Visit the Digital Jungle EShop to spend your ECash. Microprocessor Science & Technology: Medical resources. Mental health. National Weather Server. The world of ham radio.
The Earth Travel: San Francisco, my home. My trip to Eivissa and Gran Canaria. Other places. A wilderness medical kit. me Me: What I do for fun and profit. My consulting company, Digital Jungle. Emergency services, search and rescue and Earthquake response. My adventures in Boston.
ZLDF ZLDF: Phil is phree! The US government ends its three-year persecution of Philip Zimmermann. We celebrate at a San Francisco sushiya. Dali's POV Art & Culture: The 1994 Burning Man Extravaganza. My bookshelf. Deaf culture. Netiquette, the glue that binds us our digital tribe.

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