Operated by ISU Student Chapter of IoPP

The goal of Customized Packaging service operated by the ISU student chapter of IoPP is to provide quality service to the university community, provide funds for IoPP operations (e.g. scholarships, conference travel), and practical experiences to packaging students.

The ISU Student Chapter of IoPP has the know-how and expertise to protect your package during normal transportation of your items. We can utilize the latest cushioning materials such as the foam in place, recyclable polystyrene foam, polyethylene foam, and starch based biodegradable foams. We have the equipment to package your items in corrugated paper cases, cartons, skin packaging, and shrink packaging to protect your products from moisture, shock, and vibration. Not only will your customized package protects your product but it will have professional quality appearance.

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last updated date: 2-24-97