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As one of the most popular teachers in the history of Indiana State University, Donald Bowie Scheick set high standards for his fellow professors and demanded the best from his pupils. He was very dedicated, and most students—whether or not they enjoyed the subject matter or did well in his class—revered his style and determination. He applied these rigorous standards to himself as an instructor as well. He never used “gimmicks” or “transitory nostrums” to instruct students, but rather always researched and readily used this information to add to the content of his class sessions. He worked especially hard during his sabbatical leaves by traveling to historical sites across the globe, taking photographs, examining sources, and taking notes to enhance the material he presented to his audience. In addition to devoting thirty-five years of service to Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana State College, and Indiana State University, he also participated in a myriad of academic and intellectual activities and clubs, had a family with two children, and enjoyed musical performance. Without a doubt, his long experience at Indiana State left a lasting legacy that impacts students to this day.


Donald Scheick was born in Augusta, Wisconsin to Reverend Charles Scheick and Cora MacDonald Scheick on January 30, 1916. Charles was a Baptist minister who moved his family to Indianapolis to preach to a larger audience. In 1934, Donald graduated from Ben Davis High School. Following his graduation, he attended Indiana Central College (known today as the University of Indianapolis) and graduated with specialties in history, political science, and English, with some advanced study in science as well. Following this, he took a teaching job in 1938 with Wayne Township Junior High. In 1940, he decided to go back to school at Indiana University and earn his Master’s degree, writing his thesis on the development of the theory of Expatriation (movements of people). Following his graduation from IU in 1941, he taught history, sociology, and government at Arsenal Tech High School. After this, he made a short jump to Broad Ripple High where he taught History and Geography. In 1946, he joined the Indiana State Teachers College as a social studies instructor with a specialty in contemporary civilization. In 1948, he went back to school yet again to IU, where, writing a dissertation titled “The Regulation of Commodity Currency in Colonial West Virginia,” he earned his doctorate in 1952. While working on this project, he was promoted to Assistant Professor at ISTC. He also maintained an active service life, with commitments to the Indiana State Teacher’s Association, Indiana Historical Society, National Council for Social Studies, YMCA Committee of Management, Boy Scouts of America counseling service, as well as the college’s championship tennis team of 1948.


In 1948, Scheick was declared faculty sponsor to the student council by popular vote, and received the Outstanding Future Teachers of America Award. His popularity is further attested by having been designated as “favorite professor” by numerous graduates in the 1954 yearbook. On March 8, 1957, all of his hard work was acknowledged in his promotion to full Professor of History by the Indiana State Teachers College trustees. In 1965, he was appointed chair of the newly created Department of History, a position he held until 1970.  Through these years, he also served as a student advisor, faculty sponsor of the student council, participant in the annual forensic contest, chaperone to various religious and student functions, member of the faculty council (or senate), representative to the academic affairs council, member of the Vigo County Historical Society’s Board of Directors, member of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences, an editor of the Indiana Magazine of History, a developing member of the department’s graduate program, and one-term president of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences. In 1969, Scheick earned the prestigious Caleb Mills Teaching Award. He continued to teach until failing health prompted his to retire in the spring of 1981.


Besides having a successful professional career, Donald Scheick also enjoyed a rich family life. On September 4, 1941, he married Marjorie Haines Scheick. Together, they had two children, David and Barbara, both graduates of Indiana State. As of now, Barbara teaches elementary school in Kansas City and David works as a safety specialist for the Fisher Science Company.  Scheick was also well known for his musical abilities, particularly in singing and playing the flute.  He was in a quartet at Indiana Central College, and sang regularly at the Terre Haute United Methodist Church, as well as for various weddings, anniversaries, and special church services.  Donald Scheick died in Terre Haute on March 23, 2000.  



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