Berlin Wall in Germany, before the fall War headline from old newspaper
Phi Alpha Theta
Indiana State University



New Initiates

Left to right:  Patrick Rodkey, Richard Harmon (President), Marvin Susott, Brandon White, Ashley Nickel, Weston Bohall, Lauren Wenning, Tyler Alexander (Vice President), Sean Eisele, Cynthia Boyce, Nathan Hopf, Amy Parkison, Douglas Lacy, Christel Sims, Amy Parkison.  Not pictured:  Joshua Dupke, Melissa Foster, Karrie Johnson.


 Taking the Oath

Professor Emeritus Donald Layton presiding as the Spirit of Eternity.







            New Initiates

Left to right: Kylei Tumey, Briana Kristler, Jeffrey Burns, Samantha Shope, Curtis DeBaun IV, Kimberly Dickman, Casey Weyls, Dominic Abbenante, Nancy Deckard, William Bond, Evan Greve, Jiuping Wang, Jacob Magill.  Not pictured: Billy Brice III, Marah Haley, Steffyn Kiefer, Kurt Waywood.



Taking the Oath

Roy Shoemaker (Indiana Historical Society) presiding as the Spirit of Eternity.


Journey of Ages

Student Representative Trey Brice journeys through history with Sentry Lauren Wenning and the Spirits of the Ages (Professors William Giffin, Dan Clark, Ann Chirhart, Barbara Skinner, Chris Olsen, and Becky Shoemaker).



Kimberly Dickman, Roy Shoemaker, Nancy Deckard, Samantha Shope, and Bill Giffin at the reception following the initiation ceremony.


New Harmony Excursion

Members on a field trip to New Harmony, Indiana, April 2007.




Regional Conference

Evan Greve, Amy Harris, and Lauren Wenning at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference (University of Evansville), March 2007.

Marvin Susott chats with Lauren Wenning prior to presenting his paper ("A Question of Cultural Identity:  Gildas, Nennius, and Bede on Post Roman Britain") at the Regional Conference in Evansville, March 2007.


     Community      Engagement

Volunteers Briana Kristler, Lauren Wenning, and Trey Brice serve as docents at Clabber Girl Days (Hulman Industrial Museum, Terre Haute), April 2007.


Public presentation of Phi Alpha Theta's Faculty Biography Project during Clabber Girl Days (Hulman Industrial Museum, Terre Haute), April 2007.


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