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As historians, we have a special duty to preserve the heritage of institutions we value. We have therefore undertaken this biographical project in order to honor the work and preserve the memory of those who have dedicated their professional lives to the study and teaching of history at Indiana State Normal School, Indiana State Teachers’ College, Indiana State College, and/or Indiana State University—our alma mater.




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Early Women Faculty  (1870-1922)  —  Sean Eisele

Cyrus W. Hodgin  (1872-1881)  —  Kylei Tumey

Elwood W. Kemp  (1882-1914)  —  Kurt Waywood

Francis Stalker  (1892-1929)  —  Lauren Wenning

William O. Lynch  (1908-1918)  —  Kimberly Dickman

Charles Roll  (1913-1951)  —  Karrie Johnson

Fred E. Brengle  (1927-1957)  —  Jacob Magill

Donald Scheick  (1946-1981)  —  Weston Bohall

Edward K. Spann  (1961-1999)  —  Marvin Susott

Herbert Rissler  (1962-1999)  —  Melissa Foster

Abed Mansur  (1970-1992)  —  Steffyn Kiefer


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